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What is the actual impact of a Small Business?

Years ago I wrote an article for the San Diego Union Tribune on the impact of small businesses on the economy. The results of my research surprised even me. Local restaurants recirculate 79% of their profits back into their local economy in contrast to 30% from chains (Civic Economics Study). Let’s look at some actual numbers so your dinner table conversation carries some heavy weight: A study by Civic Economics stated that local retailers return 52% of their revenue to the local economy compared with 14% of chain retailers (Study compared Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Office Max, Target, Darden, McDonald’s and P.F Chang’s with seven independent businesses). The Civic Economics Study broke down the 52% of return in revenue as: 27.1% return to local labor, 17.4% products for resale,4.4% internal use and 3.2 % for charitable giving. Love seeing the pictures of the local baseball team and a hand written note saying, "Thank you" on the pizza shop wall? Small business are shopped by local families and in return they give back more than a chain.

How can you help make a difference? Mother's Day is just around the corner and with this forced staycation (quarantine, shelter-in-place) it is NOT an excuse to miss the gratitude of Mother's Day. I highly recommend giving any Mom sheltered in place with her kids a bottle of wine from @Ramona Ranch Winery (cases are 50% off right now---You are welcome!). First thing in the morning, open it, put it in a glass and give it to her in bed while letting her "sleep" aka scroll through Pinterest on her phone. Let her shit alone in the bathroom. Let her do her makeup--or not, alone. After this "sleep" have a beautiful piece of jewelry you customized for her from @Caratt sitting on the kitchen table (deals as low as $5). You can pick up locally or have it shipped for free!

If she chooses to shower and washer her hair (her body, her choice) you can grab some great new hair products, skin or beauty products from@Michele Rodgers Mechling with Monat (their products are even Vegan!) We know you miss her showering and doing her hair ---trust me she misses it too. So why don't you drop the nice hint by letting her shower uninterrupted with new products she wants to try. We know you steal her face lotion after a good shave so replace that shit with Kara de Angelo for Rodan + Fields skincare. We also suggest a "I gotcha girl!" giftcard to @RENEW Laser and Skin Care to get a facial with @Amber MacDowell or some injectable rejuvenation @Meri VanDyke.

Remind her that she isn't alone by giving her a handmade candle from Jennifer Ciani & Sigle Mother @Brantlie Herring,, the label even makes it easy for you by saying, "We are in this together". Trust me, lighting a candle definitely elevates the mood.

Pick up dinner to-go from @Farmhouse 78 you won't be disappointed, neither of you has to cook and you support a local restaurant.

The moral of the story is give her some R&R, the tools to R&R and the social distance from early-morning-wakeup calls, kids fighting and chores. I promise you, "Happy Mama = Happy Life".

Shopping small, local and with friends makes a bigger impact in people's lives that you realize.

Feel free to reach out to me and I will put together a gift basket for you with free local pick up or cost effective shipping from all these retailers- and you don't even have to lift a finger, just tell Alexa, Siri, Google to call me. Happy Mother's Day.



Call or text anytime!

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