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Everyone loves Caratts!

Sharee Wedding Ring
Floating in a tension setting
Art Deco Ring
Maria Engagement
Rosegold Sliced Diamond and Pave Diamonds


Bringing Romance Back to Design Without The Stress

We founded Caratt with a desire to provide a way to customize jewelry at an affordable price, from diamond "Caratts" to gemstones. Our passion for handmade artisanship shows in the quality and uniqueness of our designs. You have inspired us from the beginning, and continue to breath light into new designs. We know that every piece is special, and strive to make pieces for your home and person that have people asking, "Where did you find that great piece?" Check it out for yourself and if you don't see what you are looking for---just ask! We welcome your custom work, from redesigning estate pieces, first rings, anniversary surprises to push presents. We fit any budget and bring the romance back into design while leaving the stress behind. - Ashley & Caratt Design Team

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